Research on MI has not only expanded (200+ RCTs) but, more recently has embraced the methodological imperative to ensure that practitioners are adequately trained and maintain fidelity to the method. 

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A key consideration for MI research

".. three quality conditions that should be present for a study to be regarded as a trial of a complex behavioral intervention:

(1) The treatment should clearly contain the components that are theoretically or empirically related to its efficacy;

(2) providers should be trained to an adequate and specified criterion of proficiency before treating trial patients; and

(3) the fidelity of treatment should be documented by reliable coding of practice throughout the study and reported in a manner that permits comparison with skill levels in other trials."

Miller, W.R. & Rollnick, S. (2013) The effectiveness and ineffectiveness of complex behavioural interventions: impact of treatment fidelity, Contemporary Clinical Trials, 37(2), 234-241

The Motivational Treatment Integrity Scale (MITI) was developed as a way of assessing practitioner competence in Motivational Interviewing. It is one of a number of validated MI coding instruments. 

We offer: 

  • MITI 3.1.1 coding for research
  • MITIT3.1.1 coding for supervision and coaching
  • MITI3.1.1 training