We offer individual supervision and coaching sessions for people who want to focus on their MI skill proficiency and development.

Supervision or coaching sessions offer you a reflective space to take a step back and consider your strengths, struggles and strategies for success.

It can take a number of different forms. Some participants like to talk about their practice, others prefer objectivefeedback on practice sessions. We work with your preference. Sessions usually take place over the telephone or Skype at mutually convenient times.

How does feedback on practice work?

If you choose this option, we offer to listen to an audio practice example of your work of about 20minutes (if it is that long), and this will form the focus of our supervision/coaching call. You could submit a recording of an actual clinical session (with permissions and confidentiality agreements in place), or of a role play.

We can offer feedback based on a validated coding instrument or simply based on your goals for what you would like to achieve in the call. This might involve making small changes in skills practice, or in identifying missed “MI moments”.

 We can also provide written feedback in advance of the call and encourage you to listen back to the tape in preparation for the call. Following the call we will send you a written summary of what was discussed for your own records.

How many sessions might you need?

This is up to you.

If you are new to MI then you might consider the recommendation from a recent meta-analysis of training studies: 3-4 coaching sessions over a 6-month period*.

However a single session can also be provided, and might be all you need.  

*Schwalbe C.S., Oh H.Y.& Zweben A. (2014) Sustaining Motivational Interviewing: a meta-analysis of training studies, Addiction, volume 109, issue 8, pp. 1287-1294
Feedback using MITI 3.1.1

Initially developed for research purposes, MITI is being increasingly used to provide detailed and specific feedback in supervision. We offer this as an option.