We offer training, supervision and coaching to help trainees learn Motivational Interviewing (MI). 

Learning MI is a bit like learning a musical instrument or a new dance form. Each person starts from a different point, learns in a different way and at a different pace. 

Whether you are looking to develop your own clinical skills, looking to commission training for staff, or looking to train interventionists for a piece of research, we can offer ideas and expertise to help you plan your training. 

Together we have over 25 years experience in delivering MI training across many sectors of health and social care, for different staff groups. We will work with you to design training bespoke to your needs. 

Learning Motivational Interviewing 

Becoming a skilled Motivational Interviewing (MI) practitioner takes practice. 

 Evidence about MI training is fairly consistent: workshops alone are not enough for people to develop skills. A recent systematic review* recommends 3-4 coaching sessions over a 6-month period to help trainees acquire and embed skills.

*Schwalbe C.S., Oh H.Y.& Zweben A. (2014) Sustaining Motivational Interviewing: a meta-analysis of training studies, Addiction, volume 109, issue 8, pp. 1287-1294

Practice development helps people:

  • Develop increasing confidence in their ability to practice MI
  • Develop detailed understanding of their areas of strength
  • Receive skill specific feedback about areas for improvement
  • Receive personalised feedback based on examples of their own clinical practice
  • Develop competence in MI

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